Ashen Wastes - The New Desert Region


The Song of Strife season approaches! In this new season, you'll continue your journey as Magister Merlin, teaming up with a mysterious young companion in a new desert region. Before introducing to the local culture and inhabitants, let's take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the region! It'll unlock as the new season kicks off, offering new landscapes featuring expansive dunes and swirling sands. But beware of the dangerous desert and the ferocious beasts that call it home. Don't let your guard down when traveling there!

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Desert Landscape and Climate

The desert landscape has some unique features, characterized by vast dunes stretching endlessly that resemble the waves of the sea, stretching endlessly. The direction and strength of the wind determine the shape and location of these dunes. Our art team deliberately designed dynamic environments to simulate the most authentic desert ambiance, allowing players to feel the waves of sand as if they were in the desert.


Deserts often feature massive rock formations or unique landforms created by weathering, such as yardangs, which add variety to the map's terrain.

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The desert represents extreme climates. By day, the scorching sun raises temperatures to unbearable levels, while at night, without clouds or humidity to retain warmth, temperatures plummet, inducing shivers. Be prepared, as you might encounter sandstorms if you're "lucky."

This extreme climate affects the desert's biodiversity, with only a few species able to survive. The central regions of the desert are usually the hottest and driest, so you'll see even fewer creatures in this area. However, the climate can be wetter near the edges of the desert, closer to mountains or oceans, leading to increased biodiversity. Next, we'll explore the flora and fauna of the new desert map.


Typically formed by underground water sources, oases have relatively humid climates that support rich biodiversity. People often settle in these areas, forming tribes. The Uru Clan, which debuts in the Song of Strife season, is one such tribe that emerged from a desert oasis and developed unique cultures and traditions influenced by the extreme environment.

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Desert Fauna and Flora

Common in the desert, vultures feed on carcasses and often perch high above the ground. If you see frequent sightings of white bones, look up - you might see a vulture staring at you with its gleaming black eyes! Well, most likely, it's keeping an eye on Chippy.

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Perhaps the friendliest creatures in the desert, lizards enjoy lounging in the shade of rocks, a common sight during desert walks.

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Tamed Ironjaws
Found only near human settlements such as camps and arenas, these creatures are essential for transporting supplies across the desert thanks to their ability to retain water in their bodies, making them ideal for long desert journeys.

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In the desolate desert, plant life might be sparse, but it shows remarkable resilience. Some iconic desert plants have impressive survival capabilities. With thick leaves to conserve water and thorns to ward off animals, they flourish in arid conditions. Another common desert plant is various species of hardy shrubs with deep roots for water extraction.


Snakebone Grass
Thrives in poor soil conditions, featuring green roots that shift to orange and red stems. Its stems can store large amounts of water and typically grow in sunny, open areas.

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Blazing Orchid
One of the most common desert plants, it has golden, flame-like leaves with white tips. Thick leaves help retain water in dry conditions.

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Desert Shrub
Small, multi-branched plants found in desert soil. They have deep roots that reach underground in search of water.

Desert Moss
Some areas of the desert have patches of grass. These plants survive in the dry desert environment with minimal water.


In addition, sparse grasslands in certain areas serve as potential habitats for creatures and provide valuable resources. These plants not only add to the game environment and map variety but also provide resources for players to gather and use.


Culture and Architecture

Despite the harsh desert environment, resilient tribes find ways to endure. Some live nomadic lives, constantly relocating to find water and food, while others settle near desert oases or rocky formations. Their way of life, beliefs, and culture significantly shape the region. The Warsong Festival in the new season is a distinctive tradition stemming from the Dusk Lord faith and Mauler culture of the Ashen Wastes area.

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Regarding architecture, tribal dwellings are often built on natural terrain for better protection, such as caves or rock formations. The architectural style is typically survivalist, with materials resistant to heat and adverse weather conditions, such as thick canvas, solid wood blocks, coarse rope, and sometimes animal fangs.

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Ending Remarks

That wraps up our new map preview. Stay tuned for next week when we delve into the story behind the new season, explore Mauler culture, and offer exclusive peeks for the new characters! Don't miss the next article in our Journey Unfolds series! The new season of AFK Journey, Song of Strife, will be launching in May 2024, where you'll meet new characters and embark on a new journey in the Ashen Wastes!

Looking forward to seeing you in the scorching heat!