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In the unforgiving desert, life is an unrelenting battle against nature's harsh whims and the ceaseless threat of raiders. For those raised amidst the shifting sands, scarcity and violence become daily companions, shaping a reality where compassion is a luxury few can afford, and cruelty reigns supreme.

However, there's an exception to this rule—Alsa. She stands out as a beacon of friendliness and hope among the desert people. Cheerful, straightforward, and always willing to help those in need, her warmth and optimism bring great joy to the people around her. Join us as we explore her story in this edition of Journey Unfolds!

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Alsa's Survival Philosophy

Alsa's primary goal is to survive the treacherous desert alongside everyone else for as long as possible. To achieve this, she has developed her unique survival rules:

Life Comes First!
Alsa knows she's not cut out for the challenges of the harsh desert. When faced with danger, she chooses flight over fight, doing her best to evade direct confrontation. She also instinctively avoids problems she can't solve, relying on skills like curling up into a ball to fend off enemy attacks or digging a hole in the ground to seek refuge.

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Unity is Strength!
Alsa loves helping others and believes in the strength of unity. She has a knack for rallying people toward a shared objective, uniting the Uru Clan to fight for a better future. She's earned the trust of everyone around her, often seen as not just a helper but also a spiritual leader.

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Food is Paramount!
Alsa has a special talent for finding food in the desert. Her keen sense of smell allows her to track down nearby prey, a crucial skill for survival in such a harsh environment. While she's still honing her culinary skills and has yet to become a master chef, her people always see her as a symbol of hope.

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Family Must be Protected

Alsa treasures family and emotional bonds above all else. To her, Pops, Soren, and other children of the Uru Clan are all cherished family members. She dislikes being alone and finds joy in companionship. Despite facing deep sadness and uncertainty after Pops passed away, she remains strong and compassionate. Alsa disapproves of Soren's distant attitude to others, firmly believing in the strength of unity and always willing to lend a helping hand.

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Before meeting Magister Merlin, Alsa runs away from difficulties, lacks confidence, and always relies on others for help in facing challenges. But will this new adventure have her grow more into herself? Let's find out together as the stories of the new season unfold!

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Alsa's Skills

Alsa is a mage specializing in earth-based magic. With her skills, she can curl into a ball for both defense or offense.


Twirling Rocks
When Alsa casts her Ultimate - Twirling Rocks, she moves to the target location, dealing damage to enemies within range. This move puts her in Combat Stance, granting her more flexible damage and escape options. While in this stance, she can curl into a ball, dashing forward to stun her targets before retreating to her initial position. If she takes a specific amount of damage, she instinctively curls into a ball while moving away from the attackers, per her first survival rule.

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Stone Barrier
When Alsa uses this skill, she channels the power of Earth Force to damage and stun a target. Moreover, several earth pillars will emerge behind the target, knocking back enemies in that area and blocking their movement.

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Rolling Boulder
When activated, Alsa senses the vibrations of leylines to locate enemies recently affected by control effects and drop rocks to attack them. This skill synergizes well with her two other skills with control effects, establishing her as a master of earth-based magic who can create terrain to limit the movement of your enemies.

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Don of Terra
This skill enhances Alsa's battle abilities in Combat Stance. The more rolls she performs, the stronger her subsequent rolling attacks become, and the more frequently she can dodge damage by rolling away, further empowering the effectiveness of her Ultimate.

Ending Remarks

The adorable and passionate Mauler hero, Alsa, will bring many surprises and challenges to Magister Merlin's journey. To learn more about her story, join the new season of AFK Journey and take on the challenges in the Ashen Wastes!