AFK Journey 1.1.14 Patch Notes


In order to improve your game experience, the server will undergo maintenance on May 10 from 7:00 to 9:00 UTC to update to v1.1.14. You will not be able to log in during this time. For the safety of your account data, please exit the game before the maintenance begins. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


New Season

1. The new Song of Strife season will soon be available for servers that have been active for 42 days. To unlock this and all future seasons, you'll need to reach Resonance Level 240, clear all AFK Stages, and complete quest: The Last Leg. Once you've gained access to the season content, pick up the main quest in Holistone, and you'll be all set to explore the new season map and uncover its epic tales!
2. Added the Ravaging Cleave cosmetic for Brutus, which can be obtained for free after completing the season's main story quests.
3. Added Season AFK Stages, which are unlocked after you enter the season map. The available Instant AFK attempts will be reset upon entering the season.
4. Added Season Dream Realm, featuring 6 Dream Realm bosses, including 4 originals and 2 new ones, and new difficulty rewards. To access this mode, you'll need to be on a server with accessible season content and have claimed all stage rewards of the non-season bosses on Endless difficulty. Plus, we've added a Dream Realm District leaderboard that offers exclusive ranking rewards. It won't affect your ranking or rewards on the server leaderboard.
5. Added Season Legend Trial, which includes 4 towers and new floor rewards. To access this mode, you'll need to be on a server with accessible season content and have cleared all non-season Legend Trial floors.
6. Added new systems for hero development: Season Resonance Level, Season Skills, and Season Equipment. These are unlocked once you enter the season map. For the best experience with the new season equipment, we recommend that you level up all your class equipment pieces to 240 before venturing into the season map.
7. Added Season Artifacts. You can obtain the following artifacts in version 1.1.14: Lightheal Spell, Cyclone Spell, Quickblade Spell, Full Moon Spell, Evocation Spell, and Cascade Spell. These Artifacts can be upgraded up to Level 30 within the season.
8. Added Magic Charms that all heroes except Chippy and Hammie can equip. The Magic Charms can provide additional stats and set bonuses and are primarily obtained through Dura's Trials.
9. Added Supreme Arena mode, where you can compete against players from the same District. This mode is available every Wednesday through Sunday and offers generous daily rewards. For more details on this mode, please check the in-game description.
10. Added Dura's Trials mode, which features different towers to challenge every day. Each tower provides a boost to different heroes to help you overcome these high-difficulty challenges. This mode will unlock on the 9th day after the season starts on a server and is recommended for players with a Season Resonance Level of 190 or higher. For more details on this mode, please check the in-game description.
11. Added Season Growth Path, which is unlocked once you enter the season map. Its rewards include the exclusive Mountaineer cosmetic.


Major Updates

1. Added Districts. Servers will be organized into Districts during the Song of Strife season. Once the season begins, rankings for Battle Drills, Arcane Labyrinth, and Honor Duel will change from server-based to district-based.
2. Added Desolate Grounds, the new Battle Drills battlefield, with the first round opening on the 8th day after a season starts on a server.
3. Adjusted the Area Rewards in the Exploration Journal for the non-season areas, replacing Equipment with Diamonds, Hero Essence, and Gestures. You'll receive compensation for this adjustment, calculated based on the exploration rewards you've claimed and sent via in-game mail.
4. The Arena mode will now be classified as a non-season mode. Any seasonal hero enhancements, like the seasonal progression features in this mode, Magic Charms, or Season Artifacts, won't apply. In addition, Arena rankings will continue to be based on servers, not Districts.


Experience Optimizations

1. Added the Auto Battle function for Legend Trial and Trial of Abyss.
2. Optimized the interface of Trial of Abyss.
3. Adjusted the requirements of the Weekly Quests in the Arena, changing them from winning a specific number of matches to playing a specific number of matches.
4. Rearranged the sorting order of the various modes on the Battle Modes page and included an entrance for AFK Stages.
5. Season Essence will be added to the Daily Quests rewards once you enter the season map. If you've already completed the Daily Quests and claimed the Essence reward before entering the season map, the system will compensate you with the corresponding amount of Season Essence via in-game mail.
6. Added a notification dot when rewards are available in Hero Affinity.
7. Rearranged the sorting order for heroes in the Resonating Hall. Now, heroes that can be unlocked will be placed at the top.
8. Optimized the Equipment recycling system. Once all non-season class equipment reaches Level 240, any non-season class equipment rewards you earn from AFK Stages will be automatically recycled into Gold.
9. Optimized the skip function for hero intro animations. Now, if it's the first time you obtain a hero, their intro animation won't be skipped.
10. Optimized the issue where changing titles could cause the game to freeze in certain situations.
11. Added message preview bubbles for Cairn Posting. You will be able to directly see some of the messages when passing by the postings.
12. Added rewards for Cairn Postings. By leaving messages or liking other players' messages in a Cairn Posting, you can now earn Pal-Coins, with a maximum limit of 10 Pal-Coins per day.
13. Optimized the logic for displaying notification dots for Keith's Store and Ironhoof Forge.
14. Optimized how nearby players are displayed in the world map view and added a new setting to adjust the number of players displayed.
15. Added a District chat channel.
16. Added a mute button to the login screen.
17. Enabled the option to switch between portrait and landscape modes for tablets.
18. Optimized an issue that caused the game to crash or lag on iOS devices in certain situations when memory was low.


Combat Mechanics

1. Damage dealt by Artifacts will now be correctly affected by the DMG Boost stat of the allied team.
2. In Season Dream Realm, bosses now have a slower increase in Phys DEF and Magic DEF as they lose HP. However, their DMG Reduction will increase faster as their HP decreases.
3. Cassadee - Azure Prodigy
When deployed in the defense formation in the Arena, Tidal Strength will now correctly prioritize the allies behind.
4. Damian - Woody Wonder
Fixed an issue where "Explode, my chariot!" and "Emergency Support!" would not work properly in rare situations.
Fixed an issue where "Emergency Support!' was sometimes cast in the wrong direction.
5. Smokey & Meerky - Wasteland Apothecary
Non-interruptive control effects such as immobilizing and blinding will no longer prevent Smokey & Meerky from creating aroma for long periods of time.
6. Florabelle - Blooming Maiden
Fixed the issue where the stats of Protective Blessing wouldn't increase when upgraded to Level 4.
Removed the cooldown for the activation of Protective Blessing.
Fixed the issue where Smashy's HP wasn't correctly restored when using Pounding Blow with all three Bulbsprites on the field.
7. Seth - Swift Shadow
Shadow Strike will no longer push away its targets upon impact.
8. Vala - Phantom of Oakenfell
Fixed an issue where Notice Beforehand would occasionally be cast multiple times on an invincible target without applying any effect.
Fixed an issue where the visual effect of Night Maneuver wasn't displaying correctly. However, there have been no changes made to the actual skill effect.
Fixed an issue where Vala wouldn't prioritize attacking the target marked by Notice Beforehand if the skill was cast while she was immobilized.
9. Necrodrakon
During your heroes' Ultimate animations, the duration of the crest created by Abyss Crest will not decrease.
10. Alpha Bear
Honey Ball can now target summons.
11. Igor - The Mad Dagger
Fixed an issue where long-range normal attacks didn't restore energy.


Honor Duel

1. Removed the event countdown and Beta label. Honor Duel is now a permanent game mode.
2. Added 14 new pieces of equipment. You can check them out in-game for more details.
3. Added color labels for equipment of different quality.
4. Heroes will now display their equipped cosmetics.
5. Temporarily removed the Dawn Antlers Artifact.
6. Updated the list of available heroes:
Added heroes: Walker, Florabelle, Rhys, Koko
Removed heroes: Korin, Eironn, Satrana, Shakir
As a result of the hero list adjustment, all ongoing Honor Duel challenges will be terminated during the version update. If your challenge is terminated early, you'll receive 1 Duel Letter as compensation.
7. Optimized the process of purchasing Duel Letters. If you run out of Duel Letters, tapping Play Now will automatically take you to the Duel Letter purchase window.
8. Balance adjustments for heroes: 
Damage Taken: No modifier → Reduced by 10%
Damage Dealt: Increased by 10% → Increased by 15%
Healing: No modifier → Reduced by 10 points
ATK SPD: No modifier → Increased by 20 points
Damage Dealt: No modifier → Increased by 10%
Haste: No modifier → Increased by 10 points
Haste: No modifier → Increased by 15 points

Ending Remarks

That's all for 1.1.14 Patch Notes, and see you in Ashen Waste!