Hotfix Note (May 16th)


Dear Magister,

We're making a hotfix on May 16th to improve your gaming experience. Check out the details:


1.We've adjusted the rewards for some gameplay features.
1)Increased Season AFK Stage progress rewards.
2)Increased Season Legend Trial rewards.
3)Increased Season Corrupt Creature first defeat rewards.
4)Increased rewards for specific chests in the map.
5)Increased Desolate Grounds rewards in Battle Drills.
Note: Once the update arrives, all players in the new season will be eligible to claim these compensatory rewards.


Season Noble Path Adjustment

After an internal investigation, we've confirmed that the labeled value of the Season Noble Path Travelogues doesn't match the actual value of their rewards. We will update the labels and add new rewards to the Season Travelogues. Players who have already purchased and claimed the level rewards will receive the appropriate compensation.

1.Faction Acorns: We're adding 28 Acorns from each faction to the free Season Fun Travelogue, for a total of 112 faction Acorns; and 140 Acorns from each faction to the paid Season Secret Travelogue, for a total of 560 faction Acorns.

2.A-Level Soulstones: We're adding 400 A-Level Soulstones to the free Season Fun Travelogue and 1,200 A-Level Soulstones to the paid Season Secret Travelogue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Please be assured that we will maintain consistent in-game rewards for all future content. A friendly reminder: the Season Essence and Season Manual provided by Season Noble Path will be reset at the end of the season. Please make your purchases responsibly.


Bug Fixes

1.Fixed the issue in Supreme Arena with discrepancies in the enemy team power previews.
2.Fixed the issue in Battle Drills where boss health values were inaccurate.
3.Fixed the issue in Supreme Arena where the settlement results did not match the combat process seen by players while using the Raging Duel mode.
4.Fixed the issue where quantities did not refresh after purchasing resources from the Emporium due to insufficient Hero Ascension materials.
5.Fixed the issue where the season opening popup would trigger multiple times.
6.Fixed the issue where hero upgrade popups appeared despite insufficient Gold.
7.Fixed the issue where red dot prompts for certain titles would not disappear.
8.Fixed the description error of the Vilebone Pendant in Honor Duel.
9.Fixed issues with some untranslated text.
10.Fixed an issue where discrepancies between the client and server's battle results were causing incorrect calculations. We'll keep an eye on any further feedback regarding this matter.


AFK Journey Team