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On the vast continent of Esperia, the very mention of Hypogeans sends shivers down the spines of all who hear it. Evil to the core, these beings commit daily atrocities with an infuriatingly brazen demeanor. Today, however, we turn our attention to an exception.


Well-rounded, three-dimensional, and even beloved villains have left their mark on countless movies and games, and the character design team for AFK Journey aimed to deliver a refreshing villain in the form of Phraesto. While Hypogeans are often simply labeled as evil and villainous, the team felt that a straightforward approach would be far too mundane. To create an intriguing new character, they incorporated some unconventional design elements.


Following this design philosophy, Phraesto, a cultured and principled Hypogean, came into being. He possesses formidable strength, a complex mind, and a distinctive appearance. Let's take a closer look!



Learned Schemer

Phraesto holds critical thinking and poetry in high regard and adores a good debate. He also finds victory through brute force to be uninspiring. Instead, he delights in outwitting opponents with words, leaving them speechless and infuriated, or orchestrating schemes that lead to their own downfall. He deeply admires intelligence and wisdom, while harboring disdain for brutishness and narrow-mindedness.

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Should you engage him in conversation and find him surprisingly humble and polite, you might form a favorable impression of this Hypogean. Yet, such a perception would be gravely misguided. Despite his approachable demeanor among Hypogeans, any misinterpretation of his illusions and true form could lead to a terrifying outcome. While he harbors an arrogant and conceited side, it typically emerges only when his intricate plans falter, provoking his artistic temperament to a boiling point. Once provoked, the consequences are equally unfathomable!

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Principled Hypogean

Engaging in malevolent acts and unleashing chaos upon the world doesn't necessarily stem from a Hypogean's inherently evil nature. To them, it's simply a part of the job. Phraesto's relentless pursuit of world destruction is merely an expression of his professionalism. Truth be told, he doesn't harbor much interest in evil deeds.


Embracing the mantle of evil is both his duty and his livelihood. He remained within the Dusk Lord's tomb all this time to fulfill his obligations. During his internment, he didn't have the opportunity to peruse any poetry or literature, thus stripping away one of the few pleasures in his life. One may even feel pity for a detestable individual like him.

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Phraesto's Skills

Known as the Abyssal Illusionist, Phraesto, as his title suggests, excels in creating illusions to deceive others, a trait fully embodied in his skill set.


Futile Echo

Phraesto's Ultimate skill consists of passive and active effects. The passive effect grants him an identical illusion at the start of battle, confounding enemies and shrouding reality in ambiguity. This illusion can deal damage and unleash abilities, further entangling his adversaries in bewilderment. Upon activation, Phraesto's scorpion tail coils around him, gathering energy before explosively thrusting outwards and piercing the ground, dealing devastating AoE damage to all nearby enemies while also restoring his own HP.

Futile Echo


Crimson Contract

This skill also features both passive and active effects. In its passive state, at the start of the battle, Phraesto will forge a pact with a friendly unit behind him, granting certain buffs but also exacting a small amount of HP from the ally. After all, bargaining is a forte among Hypogeans.


When this skill is activated, Phraesto's trio of scorpion tails will consecutively attack an enemy in front of him, dealing damage thrice in succession. Just imagine those deadly stingers lashing around like whips. It's painful just to envision.

Crimson Contract


Vicious Sting

When this skill is deployed, Phraesto will proceed to use his scorpion tails to sting an enemy in front of him, dealing damage and applying "Paralyzing Venom," causing the target to be poisoned for a certain duration.

Vicious Sting


Foggy Whisper

Phraesto's unique ability is truly remarkable. Operating as a frontline tank, if foes mistakenly target his illusion instead of his true form during combat, the illusion transforms into a black miasma and launches a fierce assault against the enemy, inflicting considerable damage and causing dizziness. When encountering Phraesto on the battlefield, exercise the utmost caution in discerning reality from illusion!

Foggy Whisper


Ending Remarks

Phraesto is a pivotal new character awaiting players in the captivating "Song of Strife" season storyline, newly introduced in version 1.1.15. Magisters can recruit him via the Emporium or by utilizing the Stargaze Station. Don't miss out! Dive in and immerse yourself in adventure today!