Traveller's Guide to the Desert



Many adventurers and travelers are drawn to the vast sandy expanse and unique culture of the desert. There are three main areas in the desert: Ashen Wastes, Eroded Enclave, and Crimson Highlands. These areas, distinctive in their own ways, are great places to venture and explore. However, the harsh environment of the desert is not for the faint-hearted. Please go through this guide thoroughly before visiting to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

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Things to Know

You will encounter a mixed bag of people here, with different clans constantly in conflict. As a traveler, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the main clans in the desert for your safety.


Grimmaw Clan

The Grimmaw Clan is an ancient and formidable clan known for the toughness and resilience of its members. This clan has become even more violent and chaotic in recent years under Orson's leadership. With Orson's passing, the Grimmaw Clan enters a new era as Kruger takes the helm as his successor.


Being committed to restoring his clan to its former glory, Kruger gradually opens the once-closed doors to visitors. You will have the opportunity to witness these changes firsthand. Complete Reputation Quests to earn rewards and see the exciting story of the Grimmaw Clan unfold.




Uru Clan

The Uru Clan primarily consists of the weak members abandoned by other clans. It was still a small and unknown clan until the recent victory of Alsa, the clan leader, and Soren during the Warsong Festival. The Uru Clan has quickly risen to fame across the desert.


The Uru Clan, now a formidable force in the desert, values unity and warmly welcomes visitors. Whether your visit is brief or extended, the Uru Clan promises to enrich your desert journey with memorable experiences.



Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunting is an exciting profession that appeals to countless adventurers. Bounty hunters seek lucrative bounties and thrilling challenges in the desert to make a living. While many perceive bounty hunters as being hungry for fame, wealth, and power, they do harbor their own aspirations and beliefs.


Alkali, nestled in the Eroded Enclave, serves as a gathering site for many bounty hunters. Recently, they have decided to establish a stronghold nearby in light of the increasing commissions from the local residents. If you are interested, you can visit Oasis Camp and meet Silverbeak, the leader of the bounty hunters there. You might even be assigned some Reputation Quests and experience the life of a bounty hunter.




Quicksand Claw

Quicksand Claws is a notorious bandit group with their camp situated deep within the desert. Its members, all Maulers, earn their livelihood from plundering nearby settlements and caravans.


Since their boss, Ferranc, was defeated by Magister Merlin, the Quicksand Claws have divided into several smaller factions, causing unrest in Alkali. Be careful while traveling in the desert and avoid conflicts with them.



Best Places to Visit

Mars Peak

Mars Peak is one of the most magnificent mountains in the desert, said to be the place where the primordial warlord once resided. Pilgrims travel great distances for the honor of ascending the mountain and paying reverence to the Dusk Lord and the primordial warlord. The summit is reserved for the victors of the Warsong Festival, and the Dusk Lord will choose the ultimate champion from among them.

Note: Mars Peak is closed to the public during Warsong Festival



Sunseek Arena

Sunseek Arena, named in honor of the Dusk Lord worshipped by the Maulers, stands as one of the most bustling places in the desert. It serves as a battleground for warriors to compete with each other and showcase their skills. Only the boldest and most formidable warrior can clinch victory here, winning the cheers and respect from the spectators. If you are into thrilling activities and challenges, the Sunseek Arena is not to be missed.




Alkali is a large town in the desert with the majority of its citizens belonging to the Lightbearer and Mauler factions. This ancient town is a pivotal supply station for caravans and adventurers. If you are an avid adventurer determined to make a name for yourself as a bounty hunter, visit Silverbeak, the bounty hunter leader, to claim some Reputation Quests.


In Alkali, you can find a variety of stores and bazaars, offering desert specialties and rare items. However, be vigilant when you come across stalls selling unusual items at exorbitant prices, as those goods are likely to originate from unknown sources in the underground market. If you need to buy something, reach out to Alan, the inn staff, and he will guide you to the legitimate stores.




Best Time to Visit

Given the hot climate of the desert, it is advisable to visit during spring and winter to avoid the heat. You will be ready for an extended stay when the weather is pleasant. The best time to visit the desert is during the Warsong Festival, which is held once every decade. You will get to immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere and participate in a multitude of events and celebrations in the desert.




Local Food

Resources are scarce in the desert, so most dishes are either grilled or stewed. The locals often use blazing orchids, sandstone nuts, sandbeast meat, and snakebone grass as cooking ingredients.

-Blazing orchid & scones: Blazing orchid is a unique, juicy plant. It is usually enjoyed with scones to bring out its distinctive flavor.
-Sandstone nut stew with fish: This stew has a rich and savory taste. The crunchy sandstone nuts elevate the flavor of the dish.
-Sandstone nuts: These crunchy and salty nuts are rich in oil. They make an excellent snack for the locals.
-Sandbeast meat & blazing orchid stew tagine: This stew is made using a tagine pot. The blazing orchids complement the tender meat perfectly.
-Roasted sandbeast meat: Sandbeast meat pieces are roasted over the fire until they are crispy outside and tender inside. The special spices used to marinate the meat contribute to its irresistible aroma.
-Snakebone grass juice: This beverage is a favorite among children in the desert for its sweet and refreshing taste.
-Secret Grimmaw Clan bone broth: A special soup made of blazing orchid, sandbeast trotter, scorpion, lizard, and spider eggs. (An acquired taste, not recommended)



Despite the simple preparation methods, the desert cuisines boast a distinctive and memorable flavor. You can find dragon chili, the hottest chili in the entire Esperia, here. Don't miss out if you are a fan of spicy food!


Travel Tips

-Sandstorm protective measures: Sandstorms are common in the desert. Although they don't usually last long, they will make the air dusty. It is essential to take protective measures for your safety.
-Beware of unknown potions: Beware of potions sold by unknown individuals, especially those offered by an apothecary named Smokey.
-Handling scorpion venom: If stung by a scorpion, you can use the oils from the desert cacti to neutralize the venom.
-Handling spider venom: Always carry some milk thistles with you as they can neutralize spider venom.
-Avoiding ironjaws: If you accidentally trespass on the territory of ironjaws during your journey, please leave immediately. Ironjaws will lower their head slightly before charging at their enemies. If you notice this behavior, wait for the right moment and dodge quickly to avoid being attacked.




Ending Remarks

Despite the need to stay alert at all times to steer clear of potential dangers, numerous brave explorers still find themselves gravitating toward the unique charm and exciting experience the desert has to offer. May you have a safe and enjoyable time in the desert!