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Among countless mystical legends, there exists one that revolves around a noble and elegant obsidian finch that can resurrect from death. Today, let us explore the world of Talene, a powerful mage from the Celestial faction, who not only commands the power of Solaris but also dominates the battlefield like a radiant flame with her indomitable spirit.

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Power of Solaris

Talene derives her power from her divine fire, which burns as intensely as the sun and is capable of incinerating and purifying all evil and corruption. Legend has it that during the first Divine War, Talene was elevated by Dura to become a Celestial when she was on the brink of death, gaining the ability to resurrect herself and becoming a loyal ally to Dura.

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Talene's divine fire is not just a formidable weapon but also her means of protecting those she holds dear. Whenever her flames ignite, they emit a dazzling light that dispels darkness and reduces all evil to ashes. Yet Talene's flames feel as warm as spring for those with a kind soul, bringing them hope and peace. Occasionally, Talene will gift her feathers to those she values, and these feathers will transform into flames and shield them from harm.

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Sunlight and Song

Given Talene's preference for dry and hot environments, she often visits lava pools at volcanic craters as if they were hot springs. She regularly flies over volcanoes and patrols the nearby forests and villages to safeguard the lands under her care. When her wings are spread, they resemble burning flames, forming an exceptional sight. It is said that prolonged absence from sunlight can affect her mood and even cause the color of her feathers to fade.

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During her leisure time, Talene enjoys singing and dancing alone. Her beautiful voice, which resonates through cliffs, is capable of soothing one's soul and even calming the fiercest storms. Birds flock to her from all around whenever she sings, circling overhead and harmonizing with her melody. This dreamlike and captivating scene has left many enthralled.

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Talene's Skills

Talene is not only an embodiment of elegance but also a fearsome presence on the battlefield. Thanks to her skills, she is unstoppable in battle.


Divine Conflagration

Talene flies to the center of the battlefield, shooting wide-range flames at the enemy side of the battlefield. This skill continuously consumes her HP, but the damage dealt will increase over time.

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Radiant Resurgence

Whenever Talene loses a certain amount of HP, she will release a warm current to heal her allies. On the other hand, she will unleash a torrent that deals damage to enemies whenever she restores a certain amount of HP. When this skill is cast actively, Talene will consume a certain percentage of her max HP to summon Divine Fire and deal damage to all enemies within an area.

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Blazing Ascension

This skill enables Talene to transform into a ball of flame upon defeat and resurrect after some time to rejoin the battle. As long as there are allies on the battlefield, she can resurrect unlimited times, each time bringing about an explosion that deals damage to all nearby enemies and knocks them back.

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Pyre of Renewal

At the start of a battle, Talene grants Pyre of Renewal to an ally, dealing damage over time to their nearby enemies. This skill's damage increases as it is enhanced during the battle. When it is enhanced to a certain level, the carrier will gain Talene's resurrection ability, transforming into a ball of flame upon defeat and then resurrecting after some time. Please note that this effect can only be triggered once in each battle.

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Ending Remarks

Talene, a powerful Celestial with a selfless spirit, bravely confronts the dangers on the battlefield to protect the things she loves. Her existence is akin to a luminous counterforce against darkness and evil, and her tale captures the essence of hope and courage like her blazing wings. Let's all look forward to her imminent arrival!