1.1.16 Patch Update: New Clan Reputation, Crystal Clash, Guild Supremacy, and More


In this version, Magister Merlin will meet some new friends and engage in a series of new quests and events. Let's explore the exciting updates in the new version!



Clan Reputation Quests

Chaos ensued in Alkali following the defeat of the Quicksand Claws. The bounty hunters have come together to form a small alliance, but they need more members and strongholds to handle the increasing commissions from local residents. Walker is counting on Magister Merlin's help to tackle this challenge.


Silverbeak, the leader of the alliance, issues Reputation Quests every day. You can earn Reputation Points, unlock new Story Quests, and build strongholds with the bounty hunters by completing the quests. As you level up your Reputation, you will receive plenty of rewards including titles, cosmetics, and frame. You may also discover a different side of the bounty hunters while working with them.

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Crystal Clash

The Evergreen Conservatory has recently discovered a large number of Crystal Geodes which promise substantial earnings. When you encounter an unguarded Crystal Geode while exploring, you can send your heroes to defend it. Other players can plunder your Crystal Geode by defeating its defenses. The further they advance, the more rewards they will receive. To boost your attack or defense, you can invite a teammate to assist you.

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Guild Supremacy

When Guild Supremacy begins, Glyphshade of the lowest difficulty will be automatically unlocked for all Guild members. All members can participate in the challenge against the Glyphshade, with each member having fixed challenge chances every day. Upon defeating the Glyphshade, all members will receive rewards based on its difficulty. Members then have to collect enough Supremacy Passes to unlock the next difficulty.


Even if your Guild fails to defeat the Glyphshade, members can still earn rewards based on the Glyphshade's remaining HP. When the event ends, all Guilds will be ranked by the highest level of Glyphshade they have summoned and the total damage dealt to it. Members will receive rewards based on their Guild's ranking. Cooperation is crucial for achieving high ranks.

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Honor Duel Update

Honor Duel has also received some optimizations and updates. When your Duel Store reaches Lvl. 4, you may find Random Ascension item in the store. You can use this item to ascend a hero to Legendary, regardless of whether you currently own that hero. This will be a great way to boost your Power.

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There are updates regarding Artifacts as well. If you start with an Artifact linked to a specific faction or hero, a pack containing heroes of that faction will appear in Duel Store within a set number of refreshes. Once your Artifact reaches 2 Stars, you'll have the opportunity to acquire one of the three Legendary Equipment. Artifact XP will also be purchased in Duel Store to help you upgrade your Artifacts.

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Furthermore, heroes at max tier will no longer appear in Duel Store. There is more new content in the game waiting for you to discover.


Ending Remarks

Last but not least, the Hero Drills mode ends in a few days. Don't miss out on this event!